Why Use The HCG Diet?

Our approach at Vitality Wellness Center is a systematic and proven program that gives you the precise products, a targeted approach, and a support team to realize your weight-loss goals safely and quickly. When combined with your motivation and commitment, you can dramatically reform your body and your life.

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How hCG works as a Weight Loss Treatment

The short answer is that patients who choose the hCG diet feel less hungry and have the added benefit of correcting hormone imbalances which may impede the metabolic processes of the body. Eating less as a result of feeling “full” longer, while preserving muscle mass, and “jump starting” the metabolism results in rapid weight loss in hCG patients.

Hormonal imbalances or deficiencies are often the cause or big part of the reason behind the patient’s initial weight gain, so we do recommend full lab testing to help identify underlying issues. Then the hCG injections aid the weight loss process by reducing feelings of hunger while dieting, and allowing the body to maximize hormone production and balance.

Hormones control three major factors in weight management: hunger, energy, and cravings. Correcting this imbalance jump starts the patient’s metabolic systems, clearing the way for the rapid weight loss possible with the hCG diet.

Patients taking hCG have the added advantage of muscle preservation during weight loss. This means that during the diet, patients burn the accumulated fat stores while preserving muscle integrity and mass.

HCG, when coupled with the appropriate diet, can yield amazing results. It is important to understand how to optimize its actions by administering it safely and effectively; hCG is a prescription drug. The hCG utilized in our practice is a derivative of sterile sources and prepared by reputable, FDA approved pharmacies located in the USA.

What is the hCG Diet?

HCG, the acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a glycoprotein found in human tissue of the liver, lungs, and stomach. HCG, contains 244 amino acids and is present in abundance in the placenta of pregnant females. HCG is also produced naturally by non-pregnant females and males in low quantities.

When hCG is injected for weight loss, it allows the patients to drastically reduce the amount of food they require to full and maintain their energy levels through the day. Many practices still use the original hCG diet, which includes the hCG diet loading, burning and maintenance phases. While we use a similar plan, we also focus on long term weight loss maintenance. We want to help patients make sustainable lifestyle changes so they can maintain their weight loss.




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